C4 - Austrian Mobility (Environmental Policy)


19. - 25. 2. 2023

Students adapted information from the previous mobility into their lives and prepared presentations on their individual carbon footprints. They participated in activities dealing with the topic of elimination of plastics from our lives with a workshop led by the founder of Damn Plastic, a sustainable retailer. Participants designed and printed posters to promote sustainable ideas. These posters were displayed in schools. In addition they learned about about government policy focusing on ecotourism strategy. To this end, a visit was organised to Werfenweng, a ski resort with ambitions to be car-free and carbon-neutral by 2030. There we were given presentations by members of the Werfenweng tourism centre and the Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria's oldest and largest national park. The presentations covered Werfenweng's ecotourism policy and Hohe Tavern's Sustainable Development Goals targets.

The participants were 4 students from each participating country and 2 teachers.

These practical activities made participants think about the way they live and impact of human activities on the environment.

Photos from mobility