Let's improve the neighborhood together!

Project for students and people around them in which we can help the nature and our health together. Will you join us?

A few words from our teachers

Ing. Lenka Staňková

Project leader of ČAO8, english teacher

"An interesting project to connect students with each other and together improve not only the surroundings of the school.

Mgr. Vojtěch Bernacik

Project leader of ČAO8, history teacher 

"It´s a great project for everyone! Not only students and teachers but also other members of our community will participate. It´s time to improve our chances for better future."  

Mgr. Zuzana Jelínková

Project leader of ČAO8, PE teacher 

"This project goes far beyond its expectations. Thanks to this project everyone can directly influence and inspire their surroundings. Thumbs up for me! I am happy to be a part of something that makes sense."

Mgr. Jana Jarmarová

Project leader of ČAO8, english teacher 

"We can finally do something together to improve our environment because we all are responsible for it. Actions speak louder than words!"

Mgr. Linda Jirasová

Project leader of ČAO8, history teacher

"Movement is my middle name and I am glad that thanks to it and cooperation with students we are building a better tomorrow.

Mgr. Jana Procházková

Project leader of ČAO8, spanish teacher

"A project that teaches students as well as teachers."

Mgr. Lucie Kuželková

Project leader of ČAO8, english teacher

"Time to help! is a broad spectrum project, in which it's participants develop their creative skills but also their care for the world around them. Their interaction with foreign pariticipants and the possibility to develop their English as well as other languages are also some nice bonuses. Both students and teachers profit.